Infubag ® - the new generation of infusion bags (PVC-free) with hoses or port

Seperate storage of three different solutions which could never be filled and sterilized together. "All-in-one" mixing concept for the complete treatment of patients, for feeding with fat emulsion, amino-acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes.


3-Kammerbeutel     Advantages:
    • steadily controlled weak-seal seams during the production process
    • simple use of mixing concept for the application to the patient
    • solution mixes can be created with easy-to-open weak-seal seams
    • weak-seal seams are sterilizable (use of special films)


  • upon request
  • The total volume of a three-compartment bag can be decided by the user. The same applies for the determination of the individual chamber sizes.
  • The processing of various PP films that are currently on the market is also possible according to customer request