We produce high quality and cost effective air cushions for massage mats, lateral supports and lumbar cushions in car seats.

With the help of high-frequency welding, we produce air cushions made of thermoplastic polyurethane film for various OEMs at our production facility in Wendelstein.

Our gradually adjustable air cushions, the so-called 2-fold and 3-fold hub compartments, which are used for massage mats, air cushions for lateral stability and as a lumbar support, are put together by our customers with other pneumatic components to form a single module. This module is supplied with compressed air, which is controlled by valves and is applied for the individual adjustment of the seat contour surfaces or massage aids.

Already in the pre-development phase, special attention is paid to the durability of the air cushions.

Our customers are automobile suppliers (seat manufacturer or suppliers of comfort systems).


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