Infubag ® - the new generation of infusion bags (PVC-free) with hoses or port

These infusion bags are mainly used for hemofiltration or hemodiafiltration.

Since all films are not gas-tight enough for amino acids, oxygen-tight overwrap bags are required for the outer packaging of the primary packaging material.

The breakdown of the total volume and thus the two chamber sizes can be chosen freely for the respective mixing concepts as required by offsetting the weak-seal seam. Delivery of oxygen-tight bags (three-side sealed bags) as an outer packaging in the respective sizes.



  • steadily controlled weak-seal seams during the production process
  • simple use of mixing concept for the application to the patient
  • solution mixes can be created with easy-to-open weak-seal seams
  • weak-seal seams are sterilizable (use of special films)
  • gas tight films for primary bags are on developing

Assortment: 500+500/1000+1000/1000+1500/500+4500 ml