The company Nündel Kunststofftechnologie GmbH was founded in 1954 as a family-owned company. The basis for its founding was the production of promotional materials with a focus on plastics processing.

The special knowledge and experience of the founder Ulrich Nündel in the application and use of high-frequency welding and the construction of the according special machines soon led to an expansion of the product range to include safety inserts (i.e. non-slip mats) for the sanitary sector. The entire production was carried out with in-house production facilities. Only a few years later, the range was expanded and the production of medical bags for the administration of infusions and transfusions began.

In order to meet the production demands in terms of performance and quality, the company invested in the construction of a new sales and production facility at its current location in Wendelstein in 1988, which includes a class 100,000 clean room, according to the DIN EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7 standard, new storage area and additional office space.


1954 Company foundation
1970 Sanitary division is set up
1973 Production of empty medical bags begins
1988 Relocation of the company from Nuremberg to Wendelstein
1992 Private limited company (GmbH) is established
1997 Company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 46001
2003 The entire company is recertified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 & DIN ISO EN 13485:2003
2010 Automotive division is set up
2011 Company is recertified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 & DIN ISO EN 13485:2010
2016 Nündel Kunststofftechnologie GmbH gets member of Sachsenring Group